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Draw Hammerhead Shark Drawing Tutorials

Draw Hammerhead Shark Drawing Tutorials – Learn how to draw a hammerhead shark.

I learned how to draw a shark. Hammerhead sharks look very unique — they have a classic shark body. His trademark is his head, which resembles a hammer. But in my opinion, this head is like a double-edged ax.

Hammerhead shark painting lesson 1

To start, draw a sketch:

The trunk is like a torpedo:

Draw unpaired fins – the tail and dorsal fin:

The pectoral fins are large and have a triangular shape:

And now it is time to draw a hammer-shaped head of this shark:

Horseshoe-shaped mouth is located on the underside of the body. Eyes are set wide apart on the ends of the outgrowths on both sides of the head.

We drew this hammerhead floating straight ahead. But in order for a picture to be interesting, we need to learn how to draw fishes in different poses, for example,curved to rotate.

Vickie Clark

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