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Draw Seagull Easy Drawings Bird Drawings

Draw Seagull Easy Drawings Bird Drawings – Seagulls are familiar white and gray birds that are frequently found in coastal areas around the world.

Have you ever seen a seagull that lives far away from the sea? Don’t worry, he hasn’t been lost. Some seagulls move inland in either summer or winter. Some show how the tool works.

did you know? There are over 40 species of seagulls and hundreds of other seabirds. Many seagulls live in colonies, or groups that can contain hundreds or thousands of individuals. Some seagulls are known to live for almost 50 years.

Step-by-step instructions for drawing seagulls

Seagull drawing-step 1

  1. First, draw a curve to form the head and neck of the seagull.

Seagull drawing-step 2

  1. Use a series of curves to outline the rounded curve triangle at the top of the beak. Note the sharp tip. Then use a curve to enclose the bottom of the beak.

Seagull drawing-step 3

  1. Draw a curve downward from your beak. This forms the front of the neck.

Seagull drawing-step 4

  1. Stretch the line both behind and in front of the neck. Then extend a long curve from each. Notice how these lines overlap the neck line. These form the back and sides of the bird. Then draw a series of long and short curves from the back of the bird and connect almost to the other side. The short jagged dots on this line indicate the texture of the feathers. Finally, draw another series of long and short lines from this line to the side of the bird to enclose the shape of the body.

Seagull drawing-step 5

  1. Draw a bird’s tail using a long “C” line and erase the guidelines if necessary. Then draw single and paired curves across the tail.

Seagull drawing-step 6

  1. Draw a pair of lines down from the bird’s body. The lines should start straight and parallel, bulge outwards, and then return to their original state. This forms the bird’s legs, and the bulges become joints. Then use a series of curves to create the soles and toes. Draw a small triangle to form a nail on the tip of the visible toe.

Seagull drawing-step 7

  1. Draw the rest of the legs using the bulging parallel lines in the center. Use curves to draw your feet and toes, with a small triangle at the tip of your toes representing your nails.

Seagull drawing-step 8

  1. Surround the wings and draw a wavy curve from the top of your back to the bottom of your back. Draw a curve consisting of short lines to add a texture.

Seagull drawing-step 9

  1. Describe the seagull’s face in detail. Draw a curved band over the entire beak. Draw several circles on each other to form the eye and shade one to show the pupil. Finally, use the two curves to outline the eye and meet at the points on either side of the eye.

Complete drawing of seagulls

Color the seagulls. Most seagulls have black and gray markings. Their beaks and feet may be orange, yellow, red, black, and even blue!

Send seagulls for a beach vacation with sea creatures and feathered friends.

Vickie Clark

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