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Wreck Journal – In my blog post, I often write about the importance of writing down goals and projects. If you actually write down your goals and plans or type them, you raise the level of your commitment to them. From your thoughts, structured ideas and projects emerge and you are ready to take action. The next thing you can do is improve the way you plan daily, organize what you want to do, and assess your progress. Writing down things can also be a great help in reminding you of what’s on the plate.

This is a perfect connection to another challenge. Spend a little time every day to record something in the journal. There is no minimum number of words or time requirements. It is important to keep it and write something every day. The journaling assignment lasts for two months and is always available. Exchange ideas with other Goalify users and get valuable tips to help you be more consistent with your journaling. Once again, you will receive Goalify Unlimited for 3 months. This time, it’s an excerpt from the most hard-working author.

Here are seven steps you can take to improve your journaling:

Find the right media for you.
Some people like to write on computers, tablets and smartphones, while others find pen and paper to be the best fit for them. Even if we all spend a lot of time in front of the computer, or just for that reason, I recommend creating your own handwritten journal. Get a nice notebook and a high quality pen. This is really fun to write. After all, journaling should be fun too! With your notebook, pen, and writing area ready, it’s easy to integrate journaling into your daily life and even make it a habit.

Let’s start by seeing where you are now.
Make a note of how your life is progressing now. Describe your work situation, your personal relationship, and any other observations you have about your current living situation. The more you understand the current situation and the better your starting position, the clearer your goals will be. It makes sense that it takes about 30 minutes to do this exercise. Write down everything that comes to your mind. Personal reflexes can have some amazing effects and can be a great help when it comes to finding a solution to a problem.

Write every day.
Now that you’ve finished looking back on your life, start writing regularly. Write whatever comes to your mind for a minute or two. Of course, you can write more if you want. The important thing here is not to write a specific amount. Instead, it is to do it consistently.

You may want to write about your feelings, or you may want to explain what is frustrating to you. Or you may want to write about what you are hungry for. It may seem like you’re writing less for a few days, but still keep it and write regularly.

It becomes a habit to spend a few minutes every day writing a diary, and if necessary, increase the writing time. If you start to lose consistency because you spend more time journaling, reduce the duration to something more manageable.

Record your goals and your success.
If you have a goal you want to work on, or a project you want to complete, write it down immediately. It doesn’t matter if it’s something big or small. It’s writing, and writing consistently. Also, don’t forget to keep a diary about what you have accomplished and what you are proud of. It includes not only the small successes that occur in our daily lives, but also the greater outcomes. It’s important to keep track of things so you can see what you’ve achieved later.

Write about what inspires you.
It doesn’t have to be about goals and success all the time. At times, you may want to write down an inspirational quote. Are there any motivational quotes that are good for you? (You can also include photos, concert tickets, and postcards as L Reminders. The main thing is to be inspired by it.

Take your diary with you wherever you go.
So are you going on vacation or business trip, or are you leaving the city for a short weekend vacation? Ideally, take your diary with you wherever you go. That way, you’ll always have it with you so you can gather your thoughts and write them down with inspiration and other things you want to remember. Take the long train or plane and write about what’s in your heart.

Do a monthly review of journaling
At the end of each month, read the journal to see what you did. Look at the changes that have taken place in your life. Make a quick note of what goes well and what goes wrong. What seems to be a big problem is smaller than you initially thought. There may be some success. Perhaps you barely noticed it, but it is a source of joy and satisfaction.

Sort journals according to topic.
Assign colors to different topics (eg, blue for individuals, green for business, red for problems). Record the color coding system somewhere, such as the journal index or table of contents, and add color to the text after every writing session. That will make it easier to find things later. After you write more sentences under your belt, you will be especially grateful for setting up such a system

What do you think of journaling ideas? Would you like to take part in our challenge? Can you come up with some tips for our list?

Vickie Clark

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